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Wine Conditioning Units

Whether you are a professional collector of fine wine or an amateur connoisseur we can help you. We can provide you with the most effective way of storing your wine at the perfect temperature.

We have the very best wine cellar solutions open to our customers. Our products are bespoke designed to make a lasting impression on your customers or visitors. Essentially they offer a great way of keeping your wine at the best storing temperature.

Wine Corner Ltd has a large range of wine cellar conditioning units available. These allow you to control the temperature in your wine cellar like never before.

Bespoke Wine Cellars in London

We have conditioning units that can work up to 100m3. So no matter the size of your space we can provide you with the perfect place to keep your wine as chilled as you would like.

One of our most popular conditioning units is the WINE IN25. This unit offers cooling for cellars up to 25m3 in size. It can transform a well insulated room into a true wine cellar or wine cool room.

Another very popular product of ours is the WINE IN50+ this unit is one of the best wine cellar conditioning units. It is also one of the quietest conditioning units on the market to date. It offers benefits like being 30% more energy efficient than any standard air conditioner.

We have a wide range of other conditioning units. So you can be sure to fine the perfect one for your space. If you would like to discuss a unit for your wine cellar then please do feel free to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help in any way we can.

Call us today on 01302 744 916 or complete our contact form with your enquiry.

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