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Wine Cabinets

Our huge range of wine cabinets means that we have the perfect unit for you. Whatever storage requirements that you may need we have the ultimate wine cabinet that will suit all of your needs . No matter your level of wine collecting and the size of your collection, we can help. We have a wine cabinet that will work perfectly for you and your wine.

We can provide you with integrated wine cabinets that will fit neatly into your kitchen. We also provide freestanding cabinets that can go in a dedicated space. We have metal wine cabinets that can store between 18 and 276 bottles so we have a size to suit any collection.

We also have wooden and wood panel wine cabinets that can store up to 552 bottles. The wooden cabinets come in a variety of different woods and different finishes. So it just really depends upon the look that you are trying to achieve.

Wine Cellar Fitting in London

All of the cabinets that we provide our customers are either Mono, Dual or Multi temperature. Many have a temperature difference of +3 or -3 degrees between the top and the bottom of the cabinet.

If you are looking for wine cabinets to solve your storages issues then we can certainly help. To find out more about our wine cabinets please feel free to get in touch. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Wine Corner Ltd look forward to helping you achieve the best storage system for your wine.

Call us today on 01302 744 916 or complete our contact form with your enquiry.

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