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Build A Wine Cellar In Your Garage

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  • Build A Wine Cellar In Your Garage
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  • 24-05-2018

How To Build A Wine Cellar In Your Garage

Almost everyone loves wine, and wine cellars offer ways to keep your favourite varieties. However, finding the perfect place to create one has been a challenge for many. Find out below, how to build a wine cellar in your garage.

Most of the rooms in a home are fully engaged leaving no room for it. Sometimes you also can’t afford to build or buy a house for the same purpose. This article is going to take you through one of the most secure and affordable places to have your cellar wine, the garage.

Garages are always not in use and sometimes never used entirely. You can utilise a part of it for your love of wine and modify it to suit the purpose of a wine cellar. 

An enclosure will suit this purpose efficiently. You can make it out of ten 4-foot-by-7-foot panels that are separate to allow for expansion and parting if need be. 

A 7-foot height is ideal for most people so that they can comfortably stand inside it, and have extra storage on the cellar’s top for carboys and bottles.

Recommended materials for the construction of an enclosure:

  • Wooden shims
  • 1 -inch by 6--inch framing lumber, about 36 feet of the board for each panel 
  • 20 sheets of panelling of 4-by 7 feet
  • Duct tape
  • R-9 insulation
  • Expandable foam filter
  • 1 -inch Screws
  • Hardware
  • 3-3 -inch hinges
  • Finishing nails
  • 3 -inch wide and 6 -inch of metal –reinforcing strip with screws

Putting up the enclosure

Using 1 -inch by 6--inch lumber, make a frame for each section with braces that are vertical at 16 -inches and centres held together using 1 -inch screws. Nail a 4-by 7 foot panelling sheet on the side using finishing nails. 

Once that is done, fill the section with R-9 insulation. To complete a section, fasten another panel onto the other side using finishing nails. Put this section a side for later assembling.

Make another section, with one of its panel including a door and the other with an opening to incorporate an air conditioner of 5000-BTU-capacity. The door should be 40 -inch wide by 76 -inch high. 

All sections are made using the same process, but the main section is left with an opening to fit in the door where the double brace is paced 6 -inch from the end in place of vertical bracing, for an added strength of the door. 

Hinge the door to the frame inside 14 -inch from the top and bottom using 3-3 -inch hinges with the centre hinge placed 38 -inches from the top.

The air conditioner opening can be 24 -inch wide by 16 -inch high. Build a frame, place and fasten it with screws on one side of the main section. 

However, its placement depends on personal preference. It can be in either section or the middle. Make proper supports for the air conditioner frame and consider accessibility to electricity.

Cellar Assembling

First, determine the ideal location for the wine cellar. Ensure that in that position, accessing electrical power won’t be a problem as well as the door not interfere with other doors, appliances, water heater and other things in the garage.

Place the first two sections against the garage wall near an electrical outlet. On the sections’ top, screw a flat piece of a 3 -inch wide by 6 -inch long reinforcing strip to hold them together. 

Place the back sections, one with the air conditioner opening, perpendicular to the side sections fastening them at the top with metal reinforcing strips. 

Next, put and secure with strips the front sections, one being the door section. Use wooden shims to keep the door section levelled and the door open smoothly.

Lastly, place the final two sections on the enclosure’s top using metal fastening strips. Seal all the joints with duct tape, then reseal them with expandable foam filler which serves the purpose better and is easy to get.

Decorating the interior

To make the cellar functional, you have to put in it, work tables and storage shelves for wine and other equipment required in wine making. 

Make a table that’s big and strong enough for your working and place it on one side away from the door. Use a laminate on it to improve its durability and for easy cleaning. 

You can use the same table, or a separate one for both fermenting carboys holding and general working.

Fit in shelves on the wall opposite the table(s) for wine storage designed to store the bottles both vertically and horizontally. 

The shelves should also be enough to store all wine bottles that you plan to make. Build another shelve at the back wall for storage of wine glasses, chemicals, wine making equipment, wine books and wine recipes. 

The space under the table(s) can be storage of wine in boxes, as utility drawers and miscellaneous storage.

Attach a fluorescent lamp at the centre of the ceiling for maximum lighting. Cover the floor with an indoor-outdoor carpet that’s easy to clean and comfortable for your feet. 

You can also build more shelves on the outside of the back wall for general garage storage and place a working table on its side.

Temperature control

Adding a thermostat and an air conditioner will help keep your wine cool. A 5000-BTU air conditioner will be the most ideal for such a small space. A thermostat is tied to the air conditioner for use to regulate the temperatures. 

The best wine storage temperature starts from 60-65 degrees. The temperature is controlled to keep the wine at a constant temperature that not affected by the one outside the wine cellar.

A cellar with air conditioning can be used for cold fermentation, especially for fruit and white wines that lose their characteristic with unstable temperatures. It can also do cold settling of white juice. 

The amount of solid material in the juice affects the quality of the wine. Reducing them to the minimum will result in finer and fruitier wine.

For an improved ambience, use small cup hooks to hang plastic grapes and vines. Remaining wall space can be used to hang photographs of wines, mentors or even wine competition awards gained with time.

Installing a wine cellar can be an investment for your home. If you want an experienced company to manage your design and install your wine cellar contact our expert team.