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Bespoke Wine Cellars 

Wine Corner Ltd offers careful design services and expert knowledge from within the wine industry to design and install the perfect environment for your wine collection in London or throughout the UK.

Easy to use:Our bespoke cellars offer digital control panels for optimal temperature and conditioner settings.

Anti-vibration system:Vibrations can promote deterioration in your wine. Our rubber shock absorbers on all moving parts ensure all vibrations are absorbed.

Made to last:We design our wine cellars using the highest quality components and methods throughout to ensure all elements including compressors, exchangers, thermostats and fans are designed to last.

Constant temperature:Our temperature controls allow you to accurately monitor that the required temperature (8°C - 14°C) is maintained.

Controlled humidity:Wine cellar humidity control is essential. Too humid and mould growth can be promoted, too dry and the cork seals become threatened.

Easy to maintain:Our bespoke wine cellars include conditioners fitted with dust filters improving performance and reducing cleaning requirements.

Silent for a peaceful atmosphere:We use particularly silent fans within our wine cellar designs with adjustable fan speeds to offer further noise reduction.

Ecological and efficient:Our cellar conditioners use an ecological coolant R404a which produces no CFC and offers reduced space requirements for installation.

A profitable investment:As our bespoke wine cellar designs offer storage of several thousand bottles, you can create a collection of young wines which will increase in value as they mature.

Bespoke Wine Cellar Installation in London

Wine Cellar Installation in London

If you would like to benefit from the high quality and reliability that our bespoke wine cellars can offer homes and businesses throughout London and the UK, please contact our knowledgeable team today for advice and information.

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